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Enhance Your Kitchen and Bath With ThinkGlass Countertops

Add Value to Your Home With ThinkGlass Countertops

Advantages of ThinkGlass countertops

ThinkGlass countertops are made of pure glass which is one to three inches in thickness or more. They come with a choice of custom designs that are imbued with color and texture to create the personalized countertop of your dreams.


Let our team at Cabinet Sales Plus of Pittsburgh transform ordinary countertops into extraordinary areas of interest and activity with ThinkGlass.


ThinkGlass countertops are a unique blend of art and function and are sure to impress

even those with utmost taste and style.

  • Smooth, glossy contemporary finish topping

  • Non-porous

  • Durable masterpieces

  • Up to 84" x 120" without seams

Visit our showroom to see the wide variety of ThinkGlass countertops we have for you. They are available in unique styles, colors, and shapes!


Call us today to schedule an appointment for our showroom visit. Talk to our experts to learn more about our unique ThinkGlass countertops.


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